Sunday, November 20, 2011

Of Each Foggy Night

She is a beautiful starry night
Her lands shrouded with fog;
And her fog causes us sorrow and delight
For the next day to come.

And she washes away his troubles
For he appears when the sun comes out;
Thrilling, yet willing
He comes into her clean residence.

They dance at twilight
Cleaned by the fog of her feathers at night
Before the next dawn when they dance again.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Raven Observes

A young man asks a girl to dance the waltz.  Meanwhile in the background, the raven observes them and  holds a pen, showing its intelligence and curiousness as it watches the things that go on about the species of human beings.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

When Swythe Was Drunk

An old short story I did a while back, made into a poem.

Sometimes, I like to think I live in a small town in a small crack
Just big enough to fit me
And get by in life without making a big show of it.
Some people like to live in small cracks
Just big enough to fit themselves
While others live so large
They suffocate at to bottom of their crack
Because a million other people are piled on top of them.
Perhaps all this explaining I am doing is getting painful
            Since all I am doing is talking about human society
            So now I will finish explaining and start my story.
Deep in the bowls of the city of Los Vegas,
Which is the city that I live  
I was walking down the street and a man around my age (22 or so)
Came and randomly stomped on my foot.  
Now like the "good" person I am, I gladly ignored him
And went on walking to my car.  
Unfortunately, this wretched young man followed me
And tapped on my shoulder about five times
Before I finally turned around and slapped him.  
Yes, it doesn't seem quite right that this handsome guy deserved the slap
But he was getting on my nerves big time.
It ends up being, this guy was trying to ask for directions,
Which I had no clue in the slightest he was doing
 And he didn't quite know how to say it in words.  
I began to think he was drunk.  
If he was, I would probably take him back to his home until he recovered
Instead of taking him to the police department
And making my life a whole lot more complicated.  
Perhaps it would be even easier
To just leave him here for another person to deal with,
But this guy wouldn't stop following me.
I agreed to take him back to his house and said that if he didn't shut up
I would put him on the street where he belongs  
Okay, looking back I think that was a little harsh to say  
But he gladly shut up until I returned him to his house.  
After that, he asked if I had "the time"  
And I told him 9:20.
He then said it again.  I grew annoyed.  
Finally, I figured out that he was asking if I could stay
And help him with burning CDs on his computer.  
He told me that he was part of a band
 He told me that his name was Swythe Tenon
Which is a rather odd name I must say
And he said that he would pay me if I burned the CDs for him.  
I accepted.  I didn't see any violence
Or any mischief in his eyes
So I accepted, and I burned as many CDs as I could
While Swythe crashed on the couch.  
I don't know how long it was
But I seemed to have woken up in an odd place
With a great big crick in my neck
And a big pile of CDs lying all around me.  
I looked around and saw that this was Swythe's house
Oh, of course.  
And in the kitchen, Swythe was cooking
And after a long few minutes of realizing who I was
He came out with a plate of food for me.  
I began to feel like I had been the drunk one.  
I gladly ate the food
And told him about myself so that I would feel like and honored guest
Rather than just some idiot who burned CDs until 12:00 last night.  
I told Swythe how I liked to play the electric violin.  
Swythe told me about his band.  He asked
If he could hear me play sometime.  
I accepted his invitation.
Though I had never dreamed of being in a band before
I can somehow imagine myself on stage
Rocking away on my electric violin
Getting galvanized by the crowd around me.  
I had always wanted to live a simple life in a small crack
But I guess it's fine too that I'm in a band.  
In a way, I'm glad that Swythe out of all people
Stomped on my foot when he was drunk.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Myth of the Beginning of the Kabuniverse

How the kabuniverse was created...

          Within the Nothingness and Everythingness, there is a kabuniverse that expands forever and ever.  Within that kabuniverse lies the universes that also expand forever and ever.  Within the universes are the galaxies, and within the galaxies are the stars and solar systems.
          Before the kabuniverse came into being, there was Nothingness and Everythingness.  The Nothingness and Everythingness had no form, yet every form possibly imagined.  Throughout time, the kabuniverse formed within this Nothingness and Everythingness.  As more time passed, the universes formed, and then the galaxies and the solar systems.  After the kabuniverse was formed, the Nothingness and Everythingness decided to take shape as the Something, which would be everything within the kabuniverse.
          Some say the Gusyt, (which is Everything, Nothing, Something, and Time) took form as a god.  Some say it took form as something as simple as bacteria.  Some say it is a silver dragon called Zxero who has the entire kabuniverse within its body.  Some say it is the creator.  Either way, the Gusyt is perceived in many ways, and therefore, is unnamed, yet named everything in the entire kabuniverse.

A myth created for the sake of literature...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Praise to "Frindle's Rising!"

Here's to Kirin-Chan's latest story, Frindle's Rising!  So far, the story is great.  It is about the rise of power and the creation of a new world filled with danger.  So far,  Frindle has taken over with her power and ability to wield iron, even though she is one of the fey who is supposed to be sensitive to iron.  She kills the king and queen of the fey and becomes powerful.  Though she is long dead after about three centuries, her spirit still lingers.  Somehow, the hero-- or heroes of this story will defeat Frindle's power and let a free life prevail!  I can't wait for the next part.  Write on, my fellow comrade!

A poem of tribute to the story:

In the deepest crack of night
The fey take flight;
They drive the old dead day spirits away.

With their souls they will fight
Have no fright;
We shall drive her swiftly away!

But sir, she wields something powerful
And I am quite sorrowful
For she will kill us all!

But with our wit and heart
She won't tear us apart
Someday, we will find a way. 

Woot!  Looking forward to more.  I will update more on the stories my fellow comrades create on later posts.  For now, farewell!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Poem to Star Rider

Star Rider

Oh please oh please

Take me higher!

To the sky land,

And the sea of stars shall meet!

To where the birds shall stay together,

Or cause mischief for one another.

May the story takes us around the world,

May it take us to a place unknown,

Or anything that comes to:

The author,

The mother of this story. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Character Songs

She craves adventure, yet she is logical.  She is a scrub jay.  She loves to write.  She loves percussion instruments (especially bells).  And also is fascinated by the universe.  This is Lucia's song:
And another song that represents her longing side:


Now, Atrius is a rather active bird who will do anything to protect Lucia.  He is a steller's jay.  He loves to fight.  He is quite hyper.  This is Atrius's song:


Now for Rill.  She is sarcastic and lives by the sea.  In fact, she loves the sea.  Her life is traveling on ships bringing trade items from the mainland to the Isle of Quee.  This is Rill's song:



You can read parts of the story on the other blog, World of the Wandering One.
And you can look at pictures from the stories on the tumblr blog, The Green Fluorescent Universe.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wretched Little Bee

You fly around my head
Wretched little bee
I’d much rather eat you ‘til dead!
Of course, before you eat me.
But I don’t underestimate you little bee
Nor do I underestimate myself
So I shall chase you little thing with glee!
Until I have you rotting on my shelf.

I shall chase you round the bed
And perhaps take a sip of tea
Then attempt to whack you with stick of lead!
Before you try to whack me.
I am just a jay you see
But I am in much better health
And I will not let you petulant thing free!
At least not until I beat you myself.

And so I sat down and I read
With my sharp claws at my knee
Waiting for you witty bee with dread.
And when you came, I did call “Quee!”
And round I chased you, little bee!
I stalked you with my graceful stealth
And I will have you all for me!
And add you as my extra wealth.

Now to finish you off with this beak on my head
I slice, slice, slice at thee!
And satisfied I am now you are dead.
It’s about time I get back to my tea. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Balance of Nothing and Everything

~A concept written by Lucia and Zxero.

There has always been the concept of light and dark, good and evil, weak and strong, good and bad, nothing and everything, etc.  These concepts mean something to us because we give them meanings.  Otherwise, these concepts and philosophies wouldn't really be there if humans didn't have the brains to perceive them.

There are many perspectives about the concept of Nothing and Everything.  Perhaps you wonder what we mean by this?  Let us take a piece of gold and a spider.  They balance out, don't they?  Maybe?  Perhaps you still don't understand what we mean by this.  Well let's see.  All depending on one's perspective and what time or place someone may be, either the gold will be Everything and the spider will be Nothing, or the gold will be Nothing and the spider will be Everything, or they will both be one at the same time (if you know what we mean).

See, Nothing and Everything may have a Good and Bad side.  Someone may dislike spiders and when they see one, will set their minds onto it in a bad way.  This makes the spider Everything and Bad.  But from the spider's perspective, they may be scared of the person who is scared of it, and perceives this person as Everything and Bad as well.  Since both the spider and person perceive each other  as Everything and Bad at that moment in time, they will form a negative energy between one another and of course, the person may end up killing that spider.

Now what about light and dark, weak and strong, smart and stupid, good and evil, and all the opposites of the rainbow?  Everything balances out, even though they fluctuate throughout time.  Even if you perceive a rat as Nothing and Bad, there wouldn't be too many eagles on the planet if there were no rats, would there?  Who knows, maybe there still would.  All we can say is, whatever happens, happens.  There are so many perspectives on earth and one cannot simply generalize these concepts people have about life.

Our concept of, Whatever Happens, Happens, only shows how things happen over time.  This concept is perceived as well, and it's pretty straightforward, so we have no need to explain it.

Now do you understand what Nothing and Everything is?  Perhaps you still don't.  Perhaps you do.  It's all a matter of perspective.  Like the piece of gold and the spider, one may be Nothing to a person, or one may be Everything.  Nothing and everything, good and evil, smart and stupid, weak and strong, light and dark, and all the opposites of the rainbow balance out and go through cycles over time, all pertaining to the concept of Whatever Happens, Happens.  

Of course, there's always something else people would add to these kinds of philosophical passages, but this is all there is to say.  Whatever comment added that has to do with this basically means the same thing as what was said here in our writing.  Now to sum up this essay, all we can say to "generalize" this whole passage is... we hope it was entertaining enough.

~Lucia and Zxero

Saturday, August 20, 2011

She's Looking for a Star...

“I’m looking for a star.
Not just any old star
A fallen one!
You do not understand?
Perhaps I should be more specific.
I’m looking for a fallen meteorite.”
-From Lucia’s Journal

She lived on the beloved island.  The Isle of Quee.  An island not far to the west.  To the east being the Land of Raak.

She had blue feathers.  Blue as the windy ocean.  Shiny as the beautiful, treacherous stars.

A scrub jay she was.  The only one left on the island.  And she lived with the robins and pickleberry birds.

It was a village that she lived.  Tiny as a sparrow.  Even more so.  And the life this scrub jay lived.  Was as tiny as the village itself.  So very small.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mehehehehehe EVIL MONTH!

Zxero:  Blogmaster Raven's new evil laugh:  Marmarmarmarararararar!!!  ooohohoohoh! ahaha! muaheheheaheaheaheaheaheahe HEAHEAHEAHEA! Nooooo! ah krapppp..

(Personally, I don't like it >:) but that's just me being evil.)

Blogmaster Raven:  Well, HEY!  It is EVIL month!

Lucia:  I quite enjoy evil month.  I finally get to act irrationally for once!  Mehehehehehe!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucia's Journal

"I'm looking for a star.

Not just any old star.

A fallen one.

You don't understand?

Perhaps I should be more specific.

I'm looking for a fallen meteorite."

-From Lucia's Journal

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zxero Needs help!

Zxero needs adoption!  Many people can adopt Zxero and use it in their stories.  Please send the link of your writing piece so that Blogmaster Raven may know what Zxero's fate may be.  

Name:  Zxero

Race/Species:  Dragon

Gender:  Neither male nor female.  Not both.  Neither.

Age:  Ageless

Bio:  Very logical and clever, but doesn't have a voice.  Uses pen and paper to speak.

Anatomy:  Zxero is not made up of bones and organs.  It was created by time itself, and is made up of Nothing and Everything.

Magic:  Very powerful.  Zxero is able to travel space.

Eye Color:  Can vary from multi-colored to black with stars for pupils.

Skin Color:  Shiny silver scales.

Favorite food:  Fried sausage!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Preparing for a Quest...

(This quest preview will be closed by Saturday, August 6, 2011)

Yeller:  Hello there!  I'm warnin' ye...  Ye'll be taking a blog quest sooner or later as this blog grows.  I want to give ye a preview of what it might be like.  Of course, ye'll start off at the top (home) where I'll be tellin' ye riddles and givin' ye clues.  Aye!  If ye have the time, of course the quest'll be fun!  Now let us start with some practice...


Now how 'bout ye scroll all the way down to the bottom of this blog?  I mean the very bottom.  What picture do ye see?  The picture'll tell ye where to go next!  Now don't go lookin' at the end of this post yet, unless ye never want to do this quest.


(This is the end of the post.)
Are ye done?  If not, then too bad fer ye!  Now that be the end of the preview of the quest ye shall take in the future.  Beware...  them scary things lurk ahead...  Oh, Blogmaster Raven said she's fed up?  ...... Hahahahaha! Well ye can tell her this-- Ok fine.  I'll be easy on ye.  Ye don't need to tell Blogmaster Raven anything.  Ye'r done!  I hope ye enjoyed this quest preview.

Friday, July 29, 2011

About a Jay

Lucia:  Hey you!  Yep, this is kind of a straightforward start, but who cares, because stories gotta be straightforward!  Anyways, this is a blog about stories and story ideas and such.  This is mostly about legends and characters.  It all falls under one category: fiction writing.  (Perhaps a little nonfiction and philosophy, but still).  It's all ideas!

Now I bet you wonder what I mean by "About a Jay."  It means that writing is something you do when your mind is free.  And what kind of bird is free?  A jay!  I, Lucia happen to be a scrub jay helping Raven out with this blog.  You will notice that a lot of the characters add a lot of their own say to this blog.  You're welcome to have you character(s) add a say of their own on the comments section.

Besides that, enjoy!  (By the way, the picture at the top is of me and my friend Atrius).