Monday, September 26, 2011

Praise to "Frindle's Rising!"

Here's to Kirin-Chan's latest story, Frindle's Rising!  So far, the story is great.  It is about the rise of power and the creation of a new world filled with danger.  So far,  Frindle has taken over with her power and ability to wield iron, even though she is one of the fey who is supposed to be sensitive to iron.  She kills the king and queen of the fey and becomes powerful.  Though she is long dead after about three centuries, her spirit still lingers.  Somehow, the hero-- or heroes of this story will defeat Frindle's power and let a free life prevail!  I can't wait for the next part.  Write on, my fellow comrade!

A poem of tribute to the story:

In the deepest crack of night
The fey take flight;
They drive the old dead day spirits away.

With their souls they will fight
Have no fright;
We shall drive her swiftly away!

But sir, she wields something powerful
And I am quite sorrowful
For she will kill us all!

But with our wit and heart
She won't tear us apart
Someday, we will find a way. 

Woot!  Looking forward to more.  I will update more on the stories my fellow comrades create on later posts.  For now, farewell!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Poem to Star Rider

Star Rider

Oh please oh please

Take me higher!

To the sky land,

And the sea of stars shall meet!

To where the birds shall stay together,

Or cause mischief for one another.

May the story takes us around the world,

May it take us to a place unknown,

Or anything that comes to:

The author,

The mother of this story. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Character Songs

She craves adventure, yet she is logical.  She is a scrub jay.  She loves to write.  She loves percussion instruments (especially bells).  And also is fascinated by the universe.  This is Lucia's song:
And another song that represents her longing side:


Now, Atrius is a rather active bird who will do anything to protect Lucia.  He is a steller's jay.  He loves to fight.  He is quite hyper.  This is Atrius's song:


Now for Rill.  She is sarcastic and lives by the sea.  In fact, she loves the sea.  Her life is traveling on ships bringing trade items from the mainland to the Isle of Quee.  This is Rill's song:



You can read parts of the story on the other blog, World of the Wandering One.
And you can look at pictures from the stories on the tumblr blog, The Green Fluorescent Universe.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wretched Little Bee

You fly around my head
Wretched little bee
I’d much rather eat you ‘til dead!
Of course, before you eat me.
But I don’t underestimate you little bee
Nor do I underestimate myself
So I shall chase you little thing with glee!
Until I have you rotting on my shelf.

I shall chase you round the bed
And perhaps take a sip of tea
Then attempt to whack you with stick of lead!
Before you try to whack me.
I am just a jay you see
But I am in much better health
And I will not let you petulant thing free!
At least not until I beat you myself.

And so I sat down and I read
With my sharp claws at my knee
Waiting for you witty bee with dread.
And when you came, I did call “Quee!”
And round I chased you, little bee!
I stalked you with my graceful stealth
And I will have you all for me!
And add you as my extra wealth.

Now to finish you off with this beak on my head
I slice, slice, slice at thee!
And satisfied I am now you are dead.
It’s about time I get back to my tea.