Name:  Atrius

Race/Species:  Steller's Jay

Galaxy, Planet, Land:  Nireda Galaxy, planet Rek, the Isle of Quee

Personality:  Will do anything for a piece of toasted, buttered bread.  Loves to sword fight and brawl.  Hates Lucia's logic about the universe, but loves her when she sword fights.

Weapons:  Sword, lance, and spear

Magic:  None

Favorite Food:  Toasted, buttered bread

Favorite Instrument:  Percussion

Favorite Season:  Spring

Favorite Time of Day:  Morning (ahhh sunny mornings... *dreamily looks at the sky*)

Legend:  He had once been from the steller's jay clan on the Isle of Quee, but he escaped and decided to travel with Lucia to find the Fallen Star.  Now he always travels with Lucia, causing all the mischief he can.  (Mehehehehe...)