Name:  Chaos

Race/Species:  Fraud

Galaxy, Planet, Land:  Sooted Star Galaxy, planet Lard, Marmara City

Personality:  One of the daughters of Good and Evil.  She is Chaos, because she is very chaotic and loves causing chaos among everyone around her.  She loves to cause mischief with her sister Madness.

Weapons:  Fangs!

Magic:  Not much

Favorite Food:  Raw fish

Favorite Instrument:  Anything that can make chaotic noises!  (Technically everything)

Favorite Season:  Winter (because she likes the snow blizzards)

Favorite Time of Day:  Morning  (ahh REFRESHMENT!)

Legend:  She lived with her sister Madness all her life until they got separated.  Chaos grew depressed and went on a long search to find Madness.