Friday, September 2, 2011

Wretched Little Bee

You fly around my head
Wretched little bee
I’d much rather eat you ‘til dead!
Of course, before you eat me.
But I don’t underestimate you little bee
Nor do I underestimate myself
So I shall chase you little thing with glee!
Until I have you rotting on my shelf.

I shall chase you round the bed
And perhaps take a sip of tea
Then attempt to whack you with stick of lead!
Before you try to whack me.
I am just a jay you see
But I am in much better health
And I will not let you petulant thing free!
At least not until I beat you myself.

And so I sat down and I read
With my sharp claws at my knee
Waiting for you witty bee with dread.
And when you came, I did call “Quee!”
And round I chased you, little bee!
I stalked you with my graceful stealth
And I will have you all for me!
And add you as my extra wealth.

Now to finish you off with this beak on my head
I slice, slice, slice at thee!
And satisfied I am now you are dead.
It’s about time I get back to my tea. 


  1. Heehee tis funnY! Tis funny! Thow I feel a little down for that poor bee. However, tis made my heart feel like a feather.

  2. Thank you. You should request to your teacher to give you assignments like this =) Of course, if you want to.