Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zxero Needs help!

Zxero needs adoption!  Many people can adopt Zxero and use it in their stories.  Please send the link of your writing piece so that Blogmaster Raven may know what Zxero's fate may be.  

Name:  Zxero

Race/Species:  Dragon

Gender:  Neither male nor female.  Not both.  Neither.

Age:  Ageless

Bio:  Very logical and clever, but doesn't have a voice.  Uses pen and paper to speak.

Anatomy:  Zxero is not made up of bones and organs.  It was created by time itself, and is made up of Nothing and Everything.

Magic:  Very powerful.  Zxero is able to travel space.

Eye Color:  Can vary from multi-colored to black with stars for pupils.

Skin Color:  Shiny silver scales.

Favorite food:  Fried sausage!

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