Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Myth of the Beginning of the Kabuniverse

How the kabuniverse was created...

          Within the Nothingness and Everythingness, there is a kabuniverse that expands forever and ever.  Within that kabuniverse lies the universes that also expand forever and ever.  Within the universes are the galaxies, and within the galaxies are the stars and solar systems.
          Before the kabuniverse came into being, there was Nothingness and Everythingness.  The Nothingness and Everythingness had no form, yet every form possibly imagined.  Throughout time, the kabuniverse formed within this Nothingness and Everythingness.  As more time passed, the universes formed, and then the galaxies and the solar systems.  After the kabuniverse was formed, the Nothingness and Everythingness decided to take shape as the Something, which would be everything within the kabuniverse.
          Some say the Gusyt, (which is Everything, Nothing, Something, and Time) took form as a god.  Some say it took form as something as simple as bacteria.  Some say it is a silver dragon called Zxero who has the entire kabuniverse within its body.  Some say it is the creator.  Either way, the Gusyt is perceived in many ways, and therefore, is unnamed, yet named everything in the entire kabuniverse.

A myth created for the sake of literature...

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