Thursday, March 15, 2012


In many of my stories, Kali is a hierarchy, a magician, and a both good and evil being.  In a new story, she is a magician, but she is quiet and living her life alone.  She lives in a shack out in the wilderness and works in her small neighboring art shed where she writes, reads, creates things out of the nature around her, practices sorcery, and sits just to be warm and out of the wind.

In this story, she wants nothing more than to live her life as it comes, but she doesn't expect the war about to arouse in her land, and the new friends and foes she will gain.  Not knowing how to handle all of this at once, she tries to escape to another land, but she is caught by both sides fighting this war and forced to choose a side.  Kali uses her strong will and personality, which she was just beginning to discover, and her magic in order to put an end to this war.  She is helped by love, hate, and friendship as well.

She meets her new life-long friend, Avon, during these wars, and they both try to make peace between the two sides, but as the story runs, Kali discovers not only friendship and loyalty, but also deceit and chaos.  With prior knowledge of books she read and her parents' wisdom from long ago, she begins to understand the psychology of the people around her.

by Raven