Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Balance of Nothing and Everything

~A concept written by Lucia and Zxero.

There has always been the concept of light and dark, good and evil, weak and strong, good and bad, nothing and everything, etc.  These concepts mean something to us because we give them meanings.  Otherwise, these concepts and philosophies wouldn't really be there if humans didn't have the brains to perceive them.

There are many perspectives about the concept of Nothing and Everything.  Perhaps you wonder what we mean by this?  Let us take a piece of gold and a spider.  They balance out, don't they?  Maybe?  Perhaps you still don't understand what we mean by this.  Well let's see.  All depending on one's perspective and what time or place someone may be, either the gold will be Everything and the spider will be Nothing, or the gold will be Nothing and the spider will be Everything, or they will both be one at the same time (if you know what we mean).

See, Nothing and Everything may have a Good and Bad side.  Someone may dislike spiders and when they see one, will set their minds onto it in a bad way.  This makes the spider Everything and Bad.  But from the spider's perspective, they may be scared of the person who is scared of it, and perceives this person as Everything and Bad as well.  Since both the spider and person perceive each other  as Everything and Bad at that moment in time, they will form a negative energy between one another and of course, the person may end up killing that spider.

Now what about light and dark, weak and strong, smart and stupid, good and evil, and all the opposites of the rainbow?  Everything balances out, even though they fluctuate throughout time.  Even if you perceive a rat as Nothing and Bad, there wouldn't be too many eagles on the planet if there were no rats, would there?  Who knows, maybe there still would.  All we can say is, whatever happens, happens.  There are so many perspectives on earth and one cannot simply generalize these concepts people have about life.

Our concept of, Whatever Happens, Happens, only shows how things happen over time.  This concept is perceived as well, and it's pretty straightforward, so we have no need to explain it.

Now do you understand what Nothing and Everything is?  Perhaps you still don't.  Perhaps you do.  It's all a matter of perspective.  Like the piece of gold and the spider, one may be Nothing to a person, or one may be Everything.  Nothing and everything, good and evil, smart and stupid, weak and strong, light and dark, and all the opposites of the rainbow balance out and go through cycles over time, all pertaining to the concept of Whatever Happens, Happens.  

Of course, there's always something else people would add to these kinds of philosophical passages, but this is all there is to say.  Whatever comment added that has to do with this basically means the same thing as what was said here in our writing.  Now to sum up this essay, all we can say to "generalize" this whole passage is... we hope it was entertaining enough.

~Lucia and Zxero

Saturday, August 20, 2011

She's Looking for a Star...

“I’m looking for a star.
Not just any old star
A fallen one!
You do not understand?
Perhaps I should be more specific.
I’m looking for a fallen meteorite.”
-From Lucia’s Journal

She lived on the beloved island.  The Isle of Quee.  An island not far to the west.  To the east being the Land of Raak.

She had blue feathers.  Blue as the windy ocean.  Shiny as the beautiful, treacherous stars.

A scrub jay she was.  The only one left on the island.  And she lived with the robins and pickleberry birds.

It was a village that she lived.  Tiny as a sparrow.  Even more so.  And the life this scrub jay lived.  Was as tiny as the village itself.  So very small.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mehehehehehe EVIL MONTH!

Zxero:  Blogmaster Raven's new evil laugh:  Marmarmarmarararararar!!!  ooohohoohoh! ahaha! muaheheheaheaheaheaheaheahe HEAHEAHEAHEA! Nooooo! ah krapppp..

(Personally, I don't like it >:) but that's just me being evil.)

Blogmaster Raven:  Well, HEY!  It is EVIL month!

Lucia:  I quite enjoy evil month.  I finally get to act irrationally for once!  Mehehehehehe!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucia's Journal

"I'm looking for a star.

Not just any old star.

A fallen one.

You don't understand?

Perhaps I should be more specific.

I'm looking for a fallen meteorite."

-From Lucia's Journal

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zxero Needs help!

Zxero needs adoption!  Many people can adopt Zxero and use it in their stories.  Please send the link of your writing piece so that Blogmaster Raven may know what Zxero's fate may be.  

Name:  Zxero

Race/Species:  Dragon

Gender:  Neither male nor female.  Not both.  Neither.

Age:  Ageless

Bio:  Very logical and clever, but doesn't have a voice.  Uses pen and paper to speak.

Anatomy:  Zxero is not made up of bones and organs.  It was created by time itself, and is made up of Nothing and Everything.

Magic:  Very powerful.  Zxero is able to travel space.

Eye Color:  Can vary from multi-colored to black with stars for pupils.

Skin Color:  Shiny silver scales.

Favorite food:  Fried sausage!